Marshall Flow Measurement Limited


Project Design and Management

Working with you to develop or review FEED study reports, conceptual and detailed designs for your specific measurement requirements. Work previously performed for multiphase metering, environmental, production, allocation as well as Fiscal Custody Transfer projects.

Construction Reviews

Perform factory inspection of skid or system construction ensuring that all aspects meets the required standards of the issued purchase orders and review access/operability of the systems when issues can still be flagged and resolved with minimal cost or schedule impact.

Factory and Site Acceptance Testing

Development or review of FAT or SAT procedures, attendance, witnessing and reporting of testing to ensure the system meets the requirements of the purchase order and the applicable standards or contractual agreements.

Development of Corporate Management Systems for Metering

Complete review of all existing measurement points within a plant or company, catergorise and rank on importance; e.g. Fiscal, environmental or contractual. Application of best practises for maintenance and integrity. Develop company strategy to monitor, maintain and report proficiency of metering devices.

Uncertainty Calculations

Development of new system calculations or review of existing calculations. This allows you to quantify your exposure to different types of meters and secondary devices, different flow or production profile cases, reduced maintenance of devices etc.

Auditing Services

We can perform an independent audit of your metering system, reporting on any non compliances to contractual agreements, standards, procedures and practises.

Training Courses

Training can be provided and tailored to your requirements, whether this is a basic overview of metering for operators or new managers, junior engineer training, to technician training at site.